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Disability or Ability?

Dance is usually not done as just a hobby. More often than not,
dancers will tell you it is their passion. I do not differ from this
mold. Dance is my passion, and it always has been. Though, I did enjoy
straying from the path most traveled, in this case being ballet, hip
hop, or jazz.
I evolved into what is considered an aerial dancer. I competed in pole
dance championships and performed aerial silks. I loved the
combination of flexibility, strength, and dance.
Then, all of it was ripped from me when I fell off a ski lift.

Why become a member?

Why become a member?

There are tons of benefits to become of our fantastic studio! You get an unlimited pass to all of our classes.  Dance Instruction, Dance Fitness, and Personal Fitness classes. We have weekly parties, monthly workshops, and special events that will be included in this package. We also sell dance apparel, shoes, and accessories to help heighten your dance skills.  We offer discounts on all products with a membership pass! WOOHOO! We are the only dance studio in the surrounding area that offers this special pass to our dance friends.

First Competition of 2013- All placements!

Savannah Dance Festival 2013
We are so excited to announce that we represented SAVANNAH with style and grace on the dance floor on Saturday January 26th, 2013.  Our students placed in every category entered! Check out a few!

Our Jr. competitor, Christina Lordnum, tore up the floor with her American Smooth, American Rhythm, and Solo that day! Christina placed 1st in all categories and 3rd in her solo.  Christina's instructor is Professional dancer Joseh Marion.

Gina Magharious owned the dance floor that day!
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