Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - January Fitness Challenge
Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - "Dance as if no one is watching"

Welcome to our January 2019 Fitness Challenge 

Thank you for joining our Fitness Challenge program for January 3rd to February 3rd (30 Day Challenge).  The details are simple...PARTICIPATE! That's all we are asking.  

*You will be measuring your own workout ethic by participation. You want to at least attend 2 out 5 Ballroom Fit classes at SdeB paired along with 3 outside activities of your choice. You will keep a log with witnesses who will sign to validate your participation.

What's the goal? To be the one with the most participation! What does the winner get? A FREE MONTH OF DANCE FITNESS CLASSES AT SDEB! We will also be selecting the Top 10 participants to attend our Fitness Seminar for FREE. Admission: $10 
Seminar will feature guests speakers, refreshments that promote health, and door prizes. 

The first step is to sign up! Grab your chance to help achieve your goals for 2019 with our help. It's always good to have a workout buddy...let us be yours!

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