Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - SdeB Kids Dance Program
Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - "Dance as if no one is watching"

Join our SdeBKids Classes and get the next generation MOVING!

Join us for our Monthly Kids Night Out
*Hip Hop *Ballroom *Games *Crafts *Movie/Popcorn
Every 1st Friday of the month
$15 per child 
Members FREE

Packages: 4 weeks for $40 per class (per child)
Membership: $150 for unlimited classes
 (Up to 3 Siblings)

Mom and ME DANCE
Mom and ME DANCE
Join one of our newest and most popular classes for kids 4 and under with Mommy or Daddy! Learn to dance Ballroom, Jazz, Ballet, and Hip Hop. Grab your space and let's get the next generation dancing! See front desk or check our calendar for days/times.
Kids Hip Hop
Kids Hip Hop
This 4 week series class is designed to work on hip hop elements to put together in a routine for you kids to practice. We use fun and up beat music to help them learn how to dance to the latest hits! Basics of break-dancing, games, and fun are incorporated into each series. Join us today for the next session. See calendar for details.
Kids Ballroom
Kids Ballroom
Get the next generation involved with all the styles of partnership dances. We teach etiquette, the history, and how to dance them with learning musicality, patterns, and actions. The mission is always to have fun while learning the true skill of dance. Our students learn dances like the Cha Cha, Rumba, Swing, Paso Doble, Foxtrot, Waltz, Tango, Salsa, Bachata, and many more. Get them involved today to get ready for our Studio Dance Party! See the calendar for details.
Kids Tap
Kids Tap
Grab your shoes and let's make some music with our feet! Kids Tap will be consisted of learning patterns that will be combined with modern music to educate ages 5 to 13. Grab your spot and let's dance. See calendar for details. Tap shoes are required for class. See front desk for details.

Kids Dance Classes Savannah Georgia Pooler

Kids Dance Classes Savannah Georgia
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