Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - May/June Fitness Challenge
Salón de Baile Ballroom Dance Studio - "Dance as if no one is watching"

Welcome to our 30 day May/June Fitness Challenge
Win a Free Month of Dance Fitness Classes

Monday, May 14th- Monday, June 11th
(Must register before Sunday, May 13th at midnight)

Please click the link to register for our next Fitness Challenge.  If this is your first time, please make sure you watch the video and read the form carefully.  We can always answer any questions for your by email or phone.  

  • Must come to 3 dance fitness classes per week
  • Must document at least 5 Fitness activities a week (you can use the dance fitness in the 5)
  • Must keep a calendar with all entries to prove your work.  You must have it initialed by someone who can validate you work. 
  • If you participated in the challenge before and met your goal, you are not eligible to choose the Bronze Challenge. 

Congratulations and Work Hard! 

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